Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Subject: Culture


How to give and receive feedback

No matter what side you're on, let respect be your guide.

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Shane Turgeon's pursuit of happiness

How a serious toy collector realized life was about more than little plastic figurines

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How to have difficult conversations

It's all in how you say it

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LED vs. incandescent Christmas lights

Add more cheer to the season without the cost.

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7 ways to get ahead by being a good person

CJ Woods doesn't see "nice" and "winning" as mutually exclusive.

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How to go solo to mixers, conferences and other events

Get noticed - for the right reasons.

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Proper handshake technique and etiquette

Make the right impression with this time-honoured greeting.

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Tipi raising at NAIT Main Campus

A look at a traditional First Nations event

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Food trends of the past 50 years

For NAIT's 50th anniversary, we look back on a half-century of cooking

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The meaning of Ookpik

How NAIT got its mascot.

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A case study in transformational leadership: Glenn Feltham

Two University of Alberta students share their observations of the president of NAIT.

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