Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

How to become a faster long-distance runner

A veteran Ironman triathlete reveals the secrets to speed.

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How to make your yard and garden more drought tolerant

You are your garden's guardian. Teach it to take care of itself.

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NAIT students produce award-winning documentary about Alfie Zappacosta

The Edmonton-based musician liked the movie but found parts of his past tough to watch.

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A NAIT alum's experience fighting fires in Fort McMurray

How Justin Birch did his part in Alberta's largest-ever fire evacuation.

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A savoury salmon recipe for World Chocolate Day

It's time to think outside the chocolate box.

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Meg Morrison and 4 other grads redefine the conventional TV career

For viewers, this is TV's golden age. Those who make the shows, however, are having to adapt to an industry in transition

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Remembering NAIT's third president, George Carter, 1917-2015

Would NAIT have the JR Shaw School of Business were it not for this man?

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How to cross Canada by bicycle

A NAIT staffer takes us coast to coast.

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How to make brioche

A fancy bread made easy.

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NAIT bakers compete in the 2016 Bakery World Cup in Paris

A once-in-a-lifetime culinary event

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Edward Gatzky, a.k.a. Gothic Knight, helps revive pro wrestling in Alberta

After 20 years, the Gothic Knight's battle will continue ringside.

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