Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

NAIT's biggest convocation ever - by the numbers

More than 8,000 students make their debut as skilled professionals

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Convocation gowns are being picked up today + tomorrow! Here's the first customer 👩‍🎓 she lined up with her friends more than 2 hours before gown pick up began!...

NAIT makes cheese from raw milk

Could a new initiative lead to a stronger Alberta cheese-making industry?

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Taking a closer look! 🔬 Hands-on learning during Boreal Research Institute's Peatland School 🌱 #NAIT

NAIT reduces food waste by using imperfect veggies

Flavour is more than skin deep

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Oh, that face! Thanks to @caawls for bringing adorable pups to #NAIT today 🐶 An excellent way to spend a study break!

☀️📚 Keep up the hard work, #NAIT students!

Ooks 2016-17 season highlights

"Winning" can mean more than a national championship banner

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Study break! Thanks @naitstudents for setting up a cupcake decorating station for #NAIT students. What a great way to de-stress! 🍰🍬

Why some coffee tastes good and some doesn't

The factors that combine to make a perfect cup

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Ray Martin named chair of NAIT board of governors

The former NDP leader returns to his roots in education

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#NAIT staff and students are donating blood in North Lobby today! This is Melissa's first time in the chair! 👏👏👏

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