5 ways to make this Valentine's Day better than ever

Get creative in how you show your appreciation for those you love

What's not to love about a day dedicated to love?

Regardless of the reams of mushy greeting cards that turn up this time of year, who really cares what kind of love we're talking about, whether it's for partners, parents, your kids, whomever. It's love, and it's worth taking time to celebrate it on Feb. 14.

How? We'd like to suggest a few ways. Go ahead and count them, as the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning did. (Spoiler alert: there are five.)

1. Dine in style

An evening at a local restaurant can stimulate conversation as much as it might an appetite. Check out our list of eateries owned or run by NAIT grads. No matter who you're dining with, there's a place to suit the mood, from fine dining to casual fare.

Don't forget to book ahead!

2. Get some bling

OK, so this one's a bit specific in terms of recipient.

You're not going to buy mom a fancy pendant or dad some cool cuff links this Valentine's. And the kids may love shiny little things, but give them five minutes and those trinkets will be forever lost and forgotten.

No, jewelry is a gift with a price tag that you, and probably that special someone, aren't likely to forget for some time. Here are tips on making the most of your purchase, from a NAIT alum who's been in the jewelry business for more than three decades.

3. Give chocolate – the good stuff

We've all had terrible chocolate. You know it – unwrap the foil, pop it in your mouth and it refuses to melt. You're left to chew on waxy junk that's better suited for making dental impressions, despite the fact that it'll probably rot your teeth.

Don't buy that kind. Rot your teeth, and those of the people you love, with only the best. Here's how to tell good chocolate from bad before you buy.

4. Spend very little

You can't put a price on love – which means no one can blame you for having a value-minded Valentine's Day.

And no one knows value like a post-secondary student. We asked five of them at NAIT for ideas on how to tug at the heartstrings while you're on a shoestring budget.

5. Give a bouquet they'll never forget

Imagine if, instead of a bouquet on Valentine's Day, you hand over some squash, carrots, onions and radishes. Having trouble envisioning a beaming smile from your sweetheart? That's because we're not done yet.

Check out the video below featuring a past Culinary Arts chair, who – with some deft but managable knifework – turns a bunch of groceries into a bunch of flowers. Nothing says love like a tulip you can eat.

Good luck! (And remember, in keeping with the day, it's the thought that counts.)

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