Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Back to NAIT by the numbers - 2017

A fun, factual look at how our campuses come back to life

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Coffee lovers create portable pour-over kettle on NAIT 3D printer

Pursuit of the perfect cup leads to a prototype and a new business venture

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How to start meditating

Leaving it all behind without going anywhere is simpler than you think

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NAIT's first all-LED construction site

For the Productivity and Innovation Centre, sustainability started on Day 1

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Today is #NAITPDDay ๐ŸŽ‰ Our Cheerleader-in-Chief, Dr. Feltham, dressed the part ๐Ÿ‘ It's been a wonderful day of learning and sharing for #NAIT staff!



NAIT student strikes gold at North American Indigenous Games

The amazing thing Davina McLeod did on her summer vacation

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The techlifetoday guide to networking

It's much more than just who you know

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Is it #NAITbacktoschool time yet? Can't wait to have students back in the study areas! #NAIT

How to pack extremely light for hiking

With kilometres to go, every gram counts

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A look inside life as an Alberta wildfire fighter

Veteran firefighter Harold Larson describes what it takes to battle a blaze

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6 things to know about raising backyard chickens

The eggs are great - just be prepared to work for them

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