Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. The tipi is up outside the #NAIT HP Centre, on the southwest lawn! Isn’t this a great photo of Elder Walter Bonaise at the


Women in coding start to break through the binary ceiling

How to bring more women into a male-dominated programming industry

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4 time-saving kitchen hacks you need to try

Is that avocado ripe or rock-hard? Should you stir or shake that cocktail?

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An introductory guide to making mead

How David Whitaker turns honey into something even better

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GOALLLL! A novice’s guide to World Cup soccer

What you need to know to begin to appreciate the “beautiful game”

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4 tips for planning a successful wedding, party or event

Staying on top of the details is key to planning any event

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Has Edmonton's food truck scene peaked?

Market saturation and contraction reshaped a culinary community

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Happy #YEGPride!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 #NAIT is in the parade today!


Fitness program raises the bar for LGBTQ inclusion

Classes respond to unique needs of LGBTQ community

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How to protect dogs and other pets from ticks and Lyme disease

Pets are more at risk from these parasites than their owners

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